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The Lotus Ladies' Cup

In the 2010s, Lotus has been promoting itself through one-make racing series across the world. In eastern Europe, one of these series is the Lotus Ladies’ Cup.
The Cup had its first season in 2011, and was based in Hungary. The cars were 1600cc Elises. The drivers were recruited through media advertising and training sessions held at the Hungaroring. The majority of the drivers were complete novices, and several of them were known media figures, including TV presenters and beauty queens. Fourteen drivers in all took part: twelve for the whole championship, and two for guest appearances only. They were organised into teams, who ran the cars. The championship consisted of thirteen races across six rounds, in Hungary, with one race in Slovakia.

The first winner was Edina Bús, one of the only 2011 entrants with previous motorsport experience. She won ten of the races.

2011 Final Results
1. Edina Bús
2. Adrienn Walterne Dancso
3. Nora Budaházi
4. Adrienn Bende
5. Ramóna Kiss
6. Szilvia Szas
7. Anett Benik-Garami
8. Ágnes Bánki
9. Anett Köváry
10. Nóra Nánási-Ördög
11. Brigitta Nagy
12. Agnes Molnar
13. Kata Répa
14. Fanni Szentgyorgyi

In 2012, the championship returned. Eleven drivers took part this year, in six teams. Again, it was based in Hungary, with outings in Slovakia, Austria and the UK, in support of other Lotus championships. The title went down to the last round, with Edina Bús up against Adrienn Bende, a former model who was acting as the championship co-ordinator. Adrienn won the race and the title, despite a protest from Edina that the finish procedure not been followed correctly.

2012 Final Results
1. Adrienn Bende
2. Edina Bús
3. Nora Budaházi
4. Ágnes Bánki
5. Szilvia Szas
6. Anett Köváry
7. Anita Tóth
8. Brigitta Nagy
9. Adrienn Vogel
10. Zsóka Kapócs
11. Alexandra Kocsis

The Ladies’ Cup ran again in 2013. This time, it was an FIA-sanctioned championship, and attracted drivers from all over Europe, and one Puerto Rican driver. It was completely dominated by Sheila Verschuur, of the Netherlands, who won nine of the twelve races. Adrienn Bende won the other three.

The "Lotus Ladies" also travelled to India during the European off-season, to compete in the Ultima Queens Cup, a women's race, at Buddh. Sheila Verschuur was the winner.

2013 Final Results

1. Sheila Verschuur
2. Adrienn Bende
3. Szilvia Szas
4. Liesette Braams
5. Anett György
6. Veronika Vanyova
7. Dorottya Kapitány
8. Szilvia Bujdosó
9. Glory Fernandez
10. Fruzsina Marenec
11. Renate Wilschut-Sanders
12. Andrina Gugger
13. Kim Guven van den Berg

A fourth Ladies' Cup was held in 2014. There was a decent-sized grid, with some interesting guest drivers, including former pro, Catharina Felser, and ski champion, Cornelia Hütter. However, the championship was shortened to six races, due to a dispute between the organisers, and the Hungarian motorsport authorities. Adrienn Bende and Adrienn Vogel were the leading drivers, and the only ones to record wins.

2014 Final Results
1. Adrienn Bende
2. Adrienn Vogel
3. Renate Wilschut-Sanders
4. Anett György
5. Szilvia Bujdosó
6. Andrina Gugger
7. Fruzsina Marenec
8. Veronika Vanyova
9. Glory Fernandez
10. Beáta Patkó
11. Catharina Felser
12. Cornelia Hütter

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