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Female Drivers in the Spa 24 Hours, 1974-2000

Henny Hemmes and Huub Vermeulen

The Spa 24 Hours ran continuously throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. From 1974 to 1981, it was part of the Trophée de l'Avenir, with one "guest spot" as an ETCC race in 1976. In 1981, it was also included in the World Endurance Championship, before switching back to an ETCC event in 1982. From 1989 to 2000, it was still a touring car race, but not part of a major championship. During this time, female drivers featured in every race, and scored many good finishes. Henny Hemmes was the queen of Spa at this time, racing in the 24 hours fourteen times, with a best finish of second. The first part of this list can be found here

Yvette Fontaine/Claude Bourgoignie (Ford Capri II) – DNF

Yvette Fontaine/”Pedro” (BMW 3.0 CSi) – 2nd
Christine Beckers/Jenny Birrell/Marianne Hoepfner (Triumph Dolomite) – 24th

Henny Hemmes/Loek Vermeulen (Toyota Celica GT) – 21st
Yvette Fontaine/Stuart Graham/Reine Wisell (Chevrolet Camaro) – DNF

Henny Hemmes/Loek Vermeulen/Huub Vermeulen (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) – 6th

Henny Hemmes/Loek Vermeulen/Hans Deen (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) – DNF
Christine Beckers/Daniel Rombaut/Huub Nijsten (Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV) – DNF
Lella Lombardi/Thierry Boutsen/Marc Duez (Toyota Sprinter Tueno) – DNF

Henny Hemmes/Loek Vermeulen (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) – 18th
Christine Beckers/Pascal Witmeur/Jean-Paul Libert (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) – N/C
Anny-Charlotte Verney/Jean-Pierre Delaunay/Cyril Grandet (Ford Escort II RS 2000) – DNF

Christine Beckers/Heinz-Jürgen Hoffknecht/Marc Piessens (VW Scirocco GTi) – DNF
Henny Hemmes/Loek Vermeulen/Huub Vermeulen (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) – DNF

Marianne Hoepfner/Derek Bell/Alain Cudini/Jean-Louis Trintigant (BMW 530i) – 7th
Henny Hemmes/Loek Vermeulen (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) – DNF
Anny-Charlotte Verney/Jean-Louis Schlesser/Alain Ferté (Ford Capri III) – DNF
Kathy Rude/Quirin Bovy/Jean-Claude Lagniez (Chevrolet Camaro Z28) – DNF

Lella Lombardi/Tony Palma/Marcello Gallo (Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6) – 12th
Henny Hemmes/Loek Vermeulen/Huub Vermeulen (Chevrolet Camaro) – DNF

Henny Hemmes/Fred Frankenhout/Hans van der Beek (Mazda RX-7) – 14th
Lella Lombardi/Roberto Marazzi/Giancarlo Naddeo (Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6) – DNF

Henny Hemmes/Břetislav Enge (BMW 635 CSi) – 11th
Lella Lombardi/Giorgio Francia/”Tango” (Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6) – 16th (1st in Division 2)

Lella Lombardi/Rinaldo Drovandi/”Spiffero” (Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6) – DNF
Annette Meeuvissen/Arno Wester/Jörg van Ommen (Ford Escort RS 1600i) – result unknown

Lella Lombardi/Rinaldo Drovandi/Roberto Castagna (Alfa Romeo 75) – 8th
Anny-Charlotte Verney/Chantal Grimard/Henny Hemmes (Toyota Corolla GT) – 25th

Annette Meeuvissen/Mercedes Stermitz/Gerrit van Kouwen (BMW M3) – 7th

Ellen Lohr/Frank Schmickler/Michael Bartels (BMW M3) – 7th
Patricia Bertapelle/Valentin Bertapelle/Freddy Fruhauf (BMW 635 CSi) – 24th
Kaori Okamoto/Kaoru Hoshino/Keiichi Suzuki (Toyota Corolla GTi) – N/C
Jenny van Hilten/Evert Bolderheij/ Bernard Winderickx (Ford Sierra RS 500) – DNF
Henny Hemmes/Claude Holvoet/Eddy van Esch (Toyota Corolla GTi) – DNF

Kaori Okamoto/Morio Nitta/Hideshi Matsuda (Toyota Corolla GT) – 12th
Jenny van Hilten/Bram van Hilten/Philips (Honda Civic) – 34th

Ellen Lohr/Altfrid Heger/Patrick Slaus/Franz Engstler (BMW M3) – 5th
Anny-Charlotte Verney/Hideo Fukuyama/Naoki Hattori (Nissan Skyline GT-R) – 12th
Henny Hemmes/Peter Seikel/Stanislao de Angelis (Honda Civic V-Tec) – 19th (1st in Class N2)
Kaori Okamoto/Morio Nitta/Patrick Snijers (Toyota Corolla GT) – DNF

Kaori Okamoto/Naoki Nagasaka/Phil Dowsett (Toyota Corolla GT) – 20th
Henny Hemmes/Dagmar Suster/Lothar Schörg (Honda Civic V-Tec) – 21st
Giovanna Amati/Patrick de Radigues/François Turco (Peugeot 309 GTi) – DNF

Annette Meeuvissen/Marc Gindorf/Heiner Weis (BMW M3) – 17th
Henny Hemmes/Astrid Hild/Thomas Müller (Honda Civic V-Tec) – 23rd (1st in Class NB1.6)
Kaori Okamoto/Morio Nitta/Suzuki (Toyota MR-2) – 24th
Jutta Kleinschmidt/André Carlier/D. Phillips (BMW M5) – N/C
Junko Mihara/Masahiro Matsunaga/Hideo Uehara (Toyota MR-2) – DNF

Lilian Bryner/Enzo Calderari/Luigino Pagotto (Porsche 911 Carrera RS) – 9th
Kaori Okamoto/Morio Nitta/Keiichi Suzuki (Toyota MR-2) – DNF

Kumi Sato/Daniel Brillat/Patrick Bastiaens (Honda Civic V-Tec) – 13th
Junko Mihara/Satoshi Yamaguchi/Masahiro Matsunaga (Toyota Corolla) – 16th
Florence Duez/Blaton/Alain Thiebaut (Renault Clio) – 18th
Kaori Okamoto/Morio Nitta/Keiichi Suzuki (Toyota Carina E) – DNF
Kate Rafanelli/Didier Stassart/Benoit Galand (BMW 325i) – DNF

Florence Duez/Paul Grutman/Michel Schmitz (Renault Clio) – 18th
Junko Mihara/Michiko Okuyama/Kumi Sato (Toyota Corolla) – 19th
Katja Müller/Dietmar Konopka/Torsten Neuenbölen (Renault Clio) – DNF

Kate Rafanelli/Yolanda Surer/Florence Duez (BMW M3) – 4th (1st in Spa 3.0 class)
Isolde Holderied/Freddy Loix/Renaud Verreydt (Toyota Carina GTi) – 8th
Vanina Ickx/Christian Jupsin/Pascal Tillekaerts (Honda Civic VTi) – 16th
Sylvie Delcour/Michel Lambermont/Bernard Dethier (Nissan Sunny GTi) – DNF
Heather Spurle/B. Lawrence/Luff (Peugeot 306 16S) – DNF

Tamara Vidali/Yvan Muller/Brad Jones (Volkswagen Golf TDi) – 12th
Sylvie Delcour/Michel Lambermont/Frédéric Baugnée (Renault Clio Williams) – 25th
Vanina Ickx/Kate Rafanelli/Florence Duez (BMW M3) – DNF
Paula Cook/Luca Canni-Ferrari/Nicola Bertolucci (BMW M3) – DNF

Sylvie Delcour/Mathias Viaene/Frédéric Baugnée (BMW 320i) – 14th
Florence Duez/Alain Courmont/Hervé Lelong (Suzuki Baleno) – 26th
Vanina Ickx/Jacky Ickx (Renault Mégane) – DNF

Vanina Ickx/Mathias Viaene/Martial Chouvel (Renault Mégane) – 5th
Sylvie Delcour/Damien Chaballe/Etienne Baugnée (BMW 320i) – 7th

Vanina Ickx/Anthony Beltoise/Thierry van Dalen (Peugeot 306 GTi) – 3rd
Fanny Duchateau/Jean-François Hemroulle/Tim Verbergt (VW Bora TDi) – 6th (1st in SPD class)
Sylvie Delcour/Eric Jamar/Frédéric Baugnée (BMW 320i) – DNF
Catherine Liegeois/Michel Wilders/Alexandre Leens (Honda Integra Type R) – DNF

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