Sunday, 20 March 2011

Female Drivers in the Andros Electric Trophy, 2010-2011 season

Marguerite Laffite

The Andros Electric Trophy for electric-powered cars was a new addition for 2009, and has now replaced the buggy class that formed the basis for "Ice Girls". The Electric Trophy attracted several female drivers this time, including several who were involved in various ways with Ice Girls, from former champion Margot Laffite to TV presenter Nathalie Marquay, who did promotional work for the Trophy previously. Below are their results.

Due to a recurring error, it has not been possible to display full results for this series on this blog.

Elodie Gossuin 14th
Nathalie Marquay 18th
Anne-Christine Horent 22nd

(Image copyright Bernard Bakalian)

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  1. I'll put Ice Racing and Electric Ice Racing in particular on my list of obscure events to see :-)