Friday, 9 October 2015

Women Drivers in International Formula 3000

Giovanna Amati

Formula 3000 was the official second-level single-seater championship, below Formula One, from 1985 until 2004. For most of its history, it was considered the final stepping stone to F1.

Even fewer women drivers have raced in Formula 3000 than in Formula One. By the time F3000 was established, racing even in the lower formulae was becoming professional. Numbers of women racing single-seaters internationally were falling, although sportscar and touring car racing continued to include several female drivers.

Below is a list of the women who raced in Formula 3000, with a basic resume of their performance.

Cathy Muller (Lola T86/50-Cosworth/March 86B Cosworth) – unplaced (8 races, qualified for 5)

Giovanna Amati (Lola T87/50-Cosworth) – unplaced (3 races, qualified for 1)

Giovanna Amati (Lola T88/50-Cosworth) – unplaced (8 races, qualified for 4)
Cathy Muller (Ralt RT20-Cosworth) – unplaced (1 race, did not qualify)

Giovanna Amati (Reynard 90D-Cosworth/Mugen) – unplaced (10 races, qualified for 2)
Ellen Lohr (Lola T90/50-Cosworth) (1 race, did not qualify)

Giovanna Amati (Reynard 91D-Cosworth) – unplaced (10 races, qualified for 7)

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