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The Fabergé Fiesta Challenge

Mary Fullerton and Ellen Morgan

The Fabergé Fiesta Challenge was a PR-led exercise, which also had the aim of encouraging female participation in motorsport. It was originally promoted via the Radio Times as a “Find a Lady Racing Driver” competition. In the competition phase, which ran in 1979, it was sponsored by Fabergé’s Kiku cosmetics brand.

The series encompassed both circuit racing and rallying. Competitors drove identical yellow Ford Fiestas in six races and six rallies around the UK. There were fifteen competitors, who each had a female navigator for the rally events. Both novice and experienced drivers were eligible, and many of the navigators, who included Dilys Rogers and Dorothy Selby-Bothroyd, had international experience.

The eventual winner was Geunda Eadie, who won four of the races and one of the rallies. Her prize was a fully-funded year in the British Touring Car Championship, driving a Ford Fiesta. She was also entered into the RAC Rally.

The Challenge had one of the best prize-drives ever offered in a women-only series, which may have explained its popularity with applicants and the high calibre of entrants. It launched the career of Louise Aitken-Walker, who had her first motorsport experience there, and Jayne Neate and Mary Fullerton had had, or would have, considerable experience in rallying.

Fabergé only ever intended the Challenge to be a one-off, and no more versions were held.

Entry list:
Louise Aitken/Ann Kidd
Viv Ayres/Alison Green
Fiona Butterfield/Marilyn Tricker
Rose-Anne Clinton/Maggie Greenland
Sarah Cohen/Dorothy Selby-Boothroyd
Lesley Cowcill/Ann Roden
Geunda Eadie/Dilys Rogers
Edna Eagleton/Christine Coward
Mary Fullerton/Ellen Morgan
Lyn Jensen/Lesley Hazell
Felicity Kerr/Liz Jenner
Anne King/Helen Locker
Jayne Neate/Lynda Stangle
Trudy Smith/Julie Berrie
Julie Speechley/Helen Hally

More details of the drivers and events involved in the Challenge can be found here.

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