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The Ford Fiesta Ladies' Cup

Delia Stegemann and Anette Meeuvissen

This series was a one-make saloon competition for women drivers, using identical Ford Fiestas. To begin with, they were fairly standard models, but after 1984, they were XR2s. It ran in Germany between 1982 and 1986, with a few races in adjoining countries. There were separate points awarded for German and international drivers, but only one winner per championship.

The 1982 joint victors were Delia Stegemann, who went on to race in Formula Three, and Anette Meuvissen, who went on to race in the DTM. Entry lists, have proved hard to find, but Beate Nodes was the 1984 champion, succeeded by Traudl Klink. Beate went on to become the first woman to finish in the top three of a DTM race, and Traudl later managed her own racing team.


1982 Anette Meuvissen/Delia Stegemann
1983 Claudia Ostlender
1984 Beate Nodes
1985 Traudl Klink
1986 Marion Beule

Towards the end of its lifespan, the Ladies’ Cup became less popular and grid sizes declined. It was retired after the 1986 championship.  In 1990, the Ford Fiesta Mixed Cup, a two-driver mini-endurance series for male/female driver partnerships, replaced the Ladies' Cup. Both Sabine Schmitz and Claudia Hürtgen tasted their first motorsport success in this championship, alongside Thomas Marschall and Michael Funke respectively. A large number of female VLN and German saloon racing regulars got their start in either the Ladies’ or the Mixed Cup.

The Mixed Cup was cancelled after the 1992 season.


1990 Beate Nodes/Thomas Meyer
1991 Claudia Hürtgen/Michael Funke
1992 Sabine Schmitz/Thomas Marschall

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